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Blocked Ventilation Causes Severe Wet Rot Decay in South West London

We recently carried out work in South West London for wet rot decay. Find out what mistakes this previous property owner made and see images of the rotten timber and moisture readings.

Our damp experts carried out a survey on a London property and discovered a very high moisture reading of 99.9. We also identified that the previous owner thought it would be a good idea to raise the rear patio and to block the subfloor ventilation! This resulted in extensive wet rot decay to the concealed joist and supporting plate timbers. The below images show the high moisture reading and rot decay to the floor timbers.

Wet rot decay floor timbers
Wet rot decay was noted to the floor timbers during damp proofing
timber moisture reading
High moisture reading noted to joist timber

Wet rot decay to joist/concealed plate timber

During our inspection alarm bells rang as it was noted that a rotten section of skirting had been covered over with a newer section. This only made matters worse for the property, and a lot of work needed to be done.

rotten skirting timber fixed over
New skirting timber fixed over the old rotten section


Wet Rot is a type of fungal decay, Premier Contractors are specialists in recognising the problems and finding the best solutions to any damp and fungal decay issues.

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