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The Basement in Bath Needed to be Watertight to BS Standards

For 100% peace of mind, our CSSW-qualified surveyor recommended the installation of a Cavity Drained Membrane System to the basement for maximum waterproofing and protection against ingress. The British Standard identifies that a drained cavity system is the safest method available for those seeking maximum assurance against system failure. This is because ground water is […]

Emergency! Tenant can’t move in.

This social housing in London was meant to have a new tenant but was clearly not fit for habitation, so the Premier experts were called in.                                       Our timeline ran like this: Contact from owner Tuesday afternoon Survey 8.00 […]

Rising damp plaster damage

Rising Damp Causing Plaster Damage

As rising damp brings moisture from the ground into a wall, it carries with it soluble salts which may be deposited in the wall fabric and plaster as the moisture evaporates. Certain of these salts, in particular chlorides and nitrates, are hygroscopic; that is to say, they are capable of attracting and absorbing moisture from […]

Damp Brick Wall

Damp Living Room Wall Needed Dry Lining Membrane

This porous bale end wall was displaying classic signs of damp penetration, so the owner called Premier Conractors, on the recommendation of Newton Membranes. Our CSSW-qualified surveyor quickly diagnosed the issue from the tide-line of damp extending DOWN the wall from porous stone work externally. Testing showed a very high moisture profile reading. High Meter […]