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The Basement in Bath Needed to be Watertight to BS Standards

For 100% peace of mind, our CSSW-qualified surveyor recommended the installation of a Cavity Drained Membrane System to the basement for maximum waterproofing and protection against ingress. The British Standard identifies that a drained cavity system is the safest method available for those seeking maximum assurance against system failure. This is because ground water is […]

When Other Waterproofing Failed, it was Time for the Experts

Type A waterproofing had been “installed” by other companies but had failed. Premier were called in to fix the problem. We were informed that numerous companies had applied a Type A waterproofing system to the walls and floors where hydrostatic pressure had been noted. Our CSSW-qualified surveyor quickly identified the issue, dismissing the previous contractor’s […]

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They’re Film Stars, We’re Membrane Experts!

The set of a very well-known film site needed to create more dressing room space but the space allocated needed waterproofing. Our CSSW-qualified surveyor was called in to advise on the best treatment, being advised that the architect favoured a Cavity Drained Membrane System. We agreed and proposed a system which will create damp-pressure-equalisation on […]

To Ensure British Standards were obeyed, the Experts were called in.

Converting a chapel into apartments called for expert waterproofing installation; the client called in Premier Contractors, whose surveyors are all CSSW qualified. After the free, no-obligation survey was completed, our surveyor recommended that a Newton Cavity Membrane/Fibran System be installed giving complete piece of mind against dampness or water ingress in the future. Premier Contractors […]

Doctors Feel Better when Experts Do the Work

This new -build doctors’ surgery needed waterproofing with a Newton Cavity Membrane within a very tight timeframe. The Cornish-based project is being managed by Consort Construction and they called in Premier Contractors to undertake the crucial waterproofing of the building. Our CSSW-qualified surveyors proposed the installation of Newton Cavity Membrane perimeter channel to be lined […]